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Course on supervision

During the past months I have been participating in a course about supervision. The course, which runs over several days, covers master, PhD and fellow supervision and use results from research, practice and experiences from the participants. It aims at strengthen the participants’ overall supervisory skills in the form of clear and specific criteria-based guidance better feedback when commenting on text from the student establishment and maintenance of a mutually binding supervision agreement initial, ongoing and final project evaluation and feedback using meta-communication of supervision content and processes The course included video-filming ourselves in doing supervision which was a good way of seeing how one actually perform. The course can be recommended to all university staff doing supervision.

Research groups merge

The first of March my research group Statistics and Decision Analysis was merged with the research group Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics. The name of the new group is Bioinformatics, Genetics and Statistics. The reason for the merge is for instance a greater flexibility in teaching and a closer collaboration around bioinformatics.

New position

During my work at the Biometry Research Unit I had so discussions with Anders Ringgaard Kristensen about possible applications where directed hypergraphs can be used to model Markov decision processes. As a result he offered me a position as a assistent professor at the Department of Large Animal Sciences, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University from 19. July to 30. September on a project concerning risk-aversion in forestry.