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How to install a fully working LaTeX environment

This post is a guide on how to install the computer typesetting system LaTeX and the corresponding programs for editing and creating LaTeX documents, and converting them to Portable Document Format (pdf) on Windows.

You will need to install the following software in the following order

  1. A LaTeX engine. A free engine under Windows is MikTeX (containing a lot of other useful stuff). Just install the basic installer, which will download the packages you need automatically.
  2. A LaTeX editor. I recommend the free editor TeXStudio which is very powerful. Download and install the latest version. If you want another spellchecker language (e.g. Danish), have a look at this page.
  3. Even though that TeXStudio have a built-in pdf viewer. I also suggest to install SumatraPDF.

Happy typing 🙂

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