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Paper preparation

Daniele Pretolani had the opportunity to come to Denmark for a month to visit my former supervisor Kim Allan Andersen and me. We are using the opportunity to write three companion papers from my thesis. One concerning finding the K shortest hyperpaths using reoptimization, one concerning finding the K best strategies in a stochastic time-dependent network and finally, a paper on bicriterion problems in stochastic time-dependent networks. The papers will be available under publication as soon as possible.

New position

During my work at the Biometry Research Unit I had so discussions with Anders Ringgaard Kristensen about possible applications where directed hypergraphs can be used to model Markov decision processes. As a result he offered me a position as a assistent professor at the Department of Large Animal Sciences, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University from 19. July to 30. September on a project concerning risk-aversion in forestry.