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New publication

The research paper “Inventory control in a lost-sales setting with information about supply lead times” have been accepted for publication in International Journal of Production Economics. We consider a periodically reviewed single-item inventory system in a lost sales setting where at most one order can be outstanding at a time and compare the performance of an inventory model assuming informed lead times to a model assuming uninformed independent and identically distributed lead times.

Quantifying walking and standing behaviour of dairy cows using a moving average based on output from an accelerometer

The research paper “Quantifying walking and standing behaviour of dairy cows using a moving average based on output from an accelerometer” have been accepted for publication in Applied Animal Behaviour Science. It presents research from my time at DJF where we use a moving average to predict walking and standing behaviour of dairy cows.

New publications

Two of my papers have been accepted for publication. “Optimal Replacement Policies for Dairy Cows Based on Daily Yield Measurements” have been published in Journal of Dairy Scienc. Abstract: Markov decision processes (MDP) with finite state and action space have often been used to model sequential decision making over time in dairy herds. However, the length of each stage has been at least 1 mo, resulting in models that do not support decisions on a daily basis. The present paper describes the first step of developing an MDP model that can be integrated into a modern herd management system. A hierarchical MDP was formulated for the dairy cow replacement problem with stage lengths of 1 d. It can be used to assist the farmer in replacement decisions on a daily basis and is based on daily milk yield measurements that are available in modern milking systems. Bayesian updating was used […]

How to replace cows optimally

The 16th of October I gave a presentation to a group of students at KU Life about optimal replacement policies for dairy cows based on daily yield measurements. A hierarchical Markov decision process is used to solve the problem. The following downloads are available: presentation – handouts (2×2) – animation 1 2 3