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Cand.scient.oecon. (M.Sc.), Ph.D. 2004 in Mathematics and Economics at the University of Aarhus. Professor at Department of Economics and Business Economics, Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University.

Vejledning af større studenteropgaver

Teaching 19. March 2010

Den 16. marts deltog jeg i kursuset “Vejledning af større studenteropgaver – bachelorprojekt og kandidatafhandling”. Det giver et hurtig overblik over hvilke redskaber man kan bruge i sin vejledning og kan stærkt anbefales.

How to replace cows optimally

Research, Teaching 19. October 2009

The 16th of October I gave a presentation to a group of students at KU Life about optimal replacement policies for dairy cows based on daily yield measurements. A hierarchical Markov decision process is used to solve the problem.

The following downloads are available: presentationhandouts (2×2) – animation 1 2 3

EURO Summer Institute 2009 (ESI 2009)

Conference/meeting, Research, Teaching 15. July 2009

Aim of ESI 2009 is to bring together young scientists with academic experts on OR methods besides the development of applications for Agriculture, Forestry and related industries of the primary sector.

Anders Ringgaard Kristensen and I will the first day talk about Markov decision processes (MDPs) for sequential decision problems in agriculture and forestry. First the theory of MDPs will be presented and next I will give an introduction to my new MDP package in R. The files needed for the exercises can be found here.

Universitetspædagogisk og didaktisk grundkursus

Administration, Conference/meeting, Teaching 22. October 2008

Den 20-22 oktober deltog jeg i DJFs universitetspædagogisk og didaktisk grundkursus der er et kursus ud af tre for at forbedre DJFs forskere I deres nye undervisningsforpligtelse. Kursuset omhandler organisering af undervisning, undervisningsformer samt eksamen og evaluering.

New educations

Teaching 15. January 2008

After the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences joined University of Aarhus there have been much activity developing our new bachelor and master degrees. The last months I have been involved in creating new courses in statistics and management science.

The degrees will be offered from the autumn of 2008. Their contents are now in the final stages of preparation.


Teaching 19. October 2005

From September to December 2005 I am teaching in a course “Advanced Management Science” (Videregående Erhvervsøkonomi på HA) at Aarhus School of Business.

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